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Revolution in posting

Compared with conventional paper products, high-tech clings-on sheet – EasyCITIE is more convenient safer:


Conventional posting:

l        Hanging – nails used to hang articles will destroy the wall surface will leave nail holes on the wall, damaging the appearance of the wall surface.

l        Gluing – glue will contaminate the wall surface, posted articles are destroyed when they are taken down, residual glue will damage the appearance of the wall surface.

l        Other methods – double-sided adhesive tape rubberized fabric will generally dirty destroy the wall surface. They may also destroy the posted articles leave tape marks on them.

There are many kinds of conventional posting modes, but they all have one thing in common, they require another agent to paste hang the articles on the wall.

Posting with high-tech clings-on sheet EasyCITIE:

l        Easy convenient – it can be easily pasted onto any common flat surface such as glass, walls, metal, stone, wallpaper, etc.

l        Easy to use – it can be pasted onto any flat surface* taken off easily. There is no need for any tools. There is no residual material left after use thus no damage to wall appearance.

* Please refer to usage instructions of the product for better use.

l        Durable – it firmly attaches to any flat surfaces stays there for a long time.

* Duration of the product depends on use environment method. Please refer to the usage instructions.

l        Environmentally friendly – mainly made of renewable PP material that can be disposed of just like common paper. So it is non-polluting.


Usage instructions: * using a standard box-packed EASYCITIE product as an example

1.       Put the EASYCITIE box in a suitable place. Make sure it is firmly placed on a level surface ensure it is out of the reach of children;

2.       Unpack the box;

3.       Find the first EASYCITIE piece in the opening take it out of the box gently;

4.       Pull it down until a whole EASYCITIE piece has come out. If it is difficult to pull out, pick up the box with both hands swing it up down, left right until you hear something inside hit the box. It should now be very easy to pull out.

5.       Flatten the EASYCITIE that you’ve removed. Press down the bottom of it with one hgently flatten the rest with the other hand. Its flatness directly influences its appearance use in writing erasing;

6.       Please write with a water-based environmentally friendly whiteboard marker. Use a good whiteboard marker to ensure good writing erasing;

7.       Please use a whiteboard eraser to erase modify writing. When erasing, there is no need to apply heavy force. Light force should be enough;

8.       When one EASYCITIE sheet is used up, just take another. Hold the box down with one hand, grab the next EASYCITIE sheet pull it out quickly. It will rip off along the perforated line;

9.       You can put the next EASYCITIE sheet wherever you want start writing on it by repeating the instructions again from the beginning.  




What can I use to write on Easycitie?


Just use standard Permanent marker.



Is Easycitie erasable disposable?


Yes,it is erasable. And it could be multiply writing ereasing.



Is Easycitie environmental friendly?


Yes absolutely. The base material is Polypropylene (PP) can be disposed in a yellow bag, good for incineration also feasible for landfill.



I have kept EasyCiTie for a very long period of time on my wallpaper in my office it worked out very well. Now I am having a dust frame shown on my wallpaper How can I clean this off?


No Problem. Just use a normal rubber/eraser clean your wall. It works perfect. Anyway, you should have also a serious chat with your cleaning staff.



How long will Easycitie keep the e-charge?


Winded on a roll 4 Years, applied on a flat wall 1 Year (at least).



Which side should I place on the surface?


There is no front back side of EASYCiTie. Both sides are magic.


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